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Charred Memories for MxMo LXXVI

17 Aug

mxmologoIt’s a searing, steaming, scorching hot August here in Italy, and no climate could be more fitting for this month’s MxMo theme: FIRE!!
This time we have the honor of being led by Muse of Doom, one of the most talented bloggers in the booze-blogging universe, and here you can read all about the chosen theme. Make sure you pay her a visit every once in a while, because not only does she come up with great recipes and even better names, but she’s probably the most active person on the net in spreading other people’s word around.. a true Muse of this movement!!
I was worried about not having enough time to contribute, given that I spent my past two weeks on holidays, but luckily I managed to find some spare time as soon as I got back home, so fire away!!

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24 Jun

Last month I had a lot of fun at the Disaronno Mixing Star casting in Milan, with my cocktail Mr. Wolf, unfortunately I didn’t make to the Amsterdam Final, but it was a great experience nonetheless, and a great honor to be selected among the 40 Italian finalists. I had the chance to meet many talented professionals, tasted great drinks, and I was relieved to see that almost all the participants were following international mixology trends and techniques. I wish I could make time to visit all these great guys, but unfortunately, although Italy is a rather small country, travelling trough it can be expensive and tedious. Hopefully by the end of this year I’ll manage to check out one or two cool bars, and I will make sure to keep you readers posted.
Now to the subject of todays’ post: I have recently discovered that Beefeater is holding a worldwide competition for their Beefeater 24 gin, and to keep my new year resolution in check, I am going to submit a drink and try to get to the final.


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Bourbon and Paprika? Really?

30 May

Last night I was working and it was a fairly busy shift, but it was two of us behind the bar, so I got time to relax a little and try out few new ideas. We got few new bottles delivered recently, among those a new Maker’s Mark, and I decided it was about time we tested them.
After a couple of Americano, just to relax my mind, and several new vodkas (tried with and without tonic), I opted for something similar to an Old Fashioned, but with a bit more afterdinner vibe.

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Delusional Tiki

24 May

Well it’s official, spring has disappeared. In less than a month we’ll know whether summer is about to pack up and leave as well. Usually, in this period of the year, I should be making fruity, refreshing, zingy drinks, but unfortunately Mother Nature is ruining my seasonal routine, scaring our customers with thunderstorms, flash floods and December-like temperatures. Gone it’s my chance to serve something with fresh apricots, strawberries or cherries: even if they manage to ripe, they will taste like nothing, given the zero days of sun we’ve had in the past three months. I love to work with fresh produce but I got to admit that in these days I would rather sip on a steamy hot mulled wine, than chill myself with a beautiful exotic concoction served in a tiki mug.
A couple of days ago though, I got delivered a really nice and ripe pineapple (god only knows where it came from), and this put me back in a tiki mood, and although I am sure that no customer will dare ordering it, I decided to put myself in motion and to create something using ingredients typical of winter, but with an exotic flair.


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Rosemary Glory for MxMo LXIII

16 May

It’s time for another Mixology Monday event, and this month the booze-blogging community is led by the very talented Mark Holmes of Cardiff Cocktails (please spend some time in reading his other posts, as this fellow is one of the most clever professional you can find in the web). The theme chosen by Mark is “Witches Garden”, and as it often happens, it’s a topic that I love. I’ve always loved playing with herbs, I found that they can add many little nuances to a drink and they always give an exotic feeling to the cocktail.
For this MxMo I decided to use rosemary, which grows abundantly around my house, and a new homemade gentiane liqueur that I purchased few weeks ago.

Rosemary Glory

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Mr. Wolf for Disaronno Mixing Star 2013

25 Apr

Few days ago I received an email from Bols, containing all the scores and the feedbacks for my entry to BATW 2013. My drink was the “Yankee and the Dutch“, a Jerry Thomas’ inspired punch, which got me as far as the final national heat: the feedbacks on the drink were more than positive, unfortunately I got mixed reviews on the video we had to submit for the final heat. It was my first video submission and I made few key mistakes.. well you live, you learn.. anyway I had great fun filming the whole thing and I hope to make it at least as far next year.
With this good result in store, I can continue carrying on my new year resolution: participating in any possible cocktail competition. The end of April marks the deadline for the Disaronno Mixing Star, and that means we have a drink ready for the folks at Disaronno.
The theme for this year is “movies”, and I chose to pay a tribute to a character in a modern days classic: “Pulp Fiction” definitely one of my favorite film of all time.

Mr. Wolf

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