Mr. Wolf for Disaronno Mixing Star 2013

25 Apr

Few days ago I received an email from Bols, containing all the scores and the feedbacks for my entry to BATW 2013. My drink was the “Yankee and the Dutch“, a Jerry Thomas’ inspired punch, which got me as far as the final national heat: the feedbacks on the drink were more than positive, unfortunately I got mixed reviews on the video we had to submit for the final heat. It was my first video submission and I made few key mistakes.. well you live, you learn.. anyway I had great fun filming the whole thing and I hope to make it at least as far next year.
With this good result in store, I can continue carrying on my new year resolution: participating in any possible cocktail competition. The end of April marks the deadline for the Disaronno Mixing Star, and that means we have a drink ready for the folks at Disaronno.
The theme for this year is “movies”, and I chose to pay a tribute to a character in a modern days classic: “Pulp Fiction” definitely one of my favorite film of all time.

Mr. Wolf


1.5 oz. Glenlivet 15 French Oak Reserve
0.75 oz. Disaronno Amaretto
0.25 oz. Creme de Cacao white
0.5 oz. Maple syrup
A pinch of citric acid
Vaporized espresso

Pour maple syrup and citric acid in a mixing glass with one ice cube. Stir quicly to dissolve the citric acid and then add all the spirits along with more ice. Stir quicly for a dozen of seconds and thrn double strain on an iced coupe. Spray on top a mist of freshed brewed espresso coffee and garnish with an orange peel and coffee beans.

My first choice for this competition was a drink based on smoke, then I moved onto a julep garnished with cotton candy (both these drinks were a tribute to Django), but it turned out I couldn’t submit any of those, as the rules forbid homemade syrups and non-edible garnishes (smoke is non-edible but definitely inhalable if you ask me). I had many ideas for this competition but couldn’t  carry them out. And it was a problem for me. That’s when I thought about Mr. Wolf, Pulp Fiction’s character, played by Harvey Keitel: I needed a problem solver like Tarantino’s elegant, smooth and witty middle-age criminal consultant. The drink I finally decided upon was something resembling a godfather, but a little bit sweeter and with more depth, especially on the nose, thanks to the vaporized espresso. The maple syrup bonds with the scotch in a great way, and the little amount of Creme de Cacao is definitely noticeable after the sip; the drink was born without citric acid but after the first try I thought that a bit of acidity would have helped Amaretto and tone down the whole sweet profile of this drink, helping it to turn into something resembling good old drinks of a bygone era, a drink for smooth criminals…

Here the link to the two videos I created for BATW 2013,


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  1. Honeyfruit | The Shorter Straw - June 24, 2013

    […] month I had a lot of fun at the Disaronno Mixing Star casting in Milan, with my cocktail Mr. Wolf, unfortunately I didn’t make to the Amsterdam Final, but it was a great experience […]

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