The ” 35th minute ” for MxMo LXX

15 Feb

mxmologoWell, it seems like Mixology Monday is the only thing that can get my lazy hands to write an article in these days! I have to admit that, taken by the creation of a new menu at work, plus the winter chills and an important upcoming competition, I haven’t written anything since last MxMo. And that is not acceptable. So, with spring on its way I decided to dedicate more time to this slow-paced blog. I have a couple of posts lined up, including the drink I will present at Bols Around The World and an all new veggie drink program. Stay tuned (I always wanted to say that).
Enough with promises that I probably won’t fulfill, it is now time to talk about the new MxMo theme; first of all let me say just how much I respect this month host: Putney Farm. This is an example of a great blog with captivating posts, arguably the best drink pics on the web, and always something clever to say. What a productive family!
This month theme is “inverted”, and I must confess that it took me more than a week to come up with a decent recipe. The theme is great,there are just way too many options. If you can take a moment to look up this announcement post, Stewart will explain everything there is to know about this month challenge.
So, here’s what I came up with.


The 35th minute

1.5 oz Saint James Rhum Agricole Imperial Blanc
0.25 oz Curacao
0.75 oz Dindarello Maculan*
0.25 oz fresh lime juice
0.25 vanilla and orange oleo saccharum**
1 lemon peel
Mezcal as needed
Fresh thyme, lemon, lime and orange zests.

Muddle the lemon with the oleo saccharum and the lime juice. Add ice and all the other ingredients and stir for quite a while. Double strain over ice, in a chilled rock glass previously washed with Mezcal. Garnish with pressed fresh thyme sprigs and a knot of citrus zests.

For this month I decided to pay a little tribute to the Superbowl, and more precisely to the black-out occurred in the Dome. The 35th minute is when the teams went back to action, and when all of a sudden San Francisco regained momentum (they lost in the end but it was a much better team after the black out).
However, this drink is not to be intended as inverted this way. What I wanted to create was a typical east coast drink, mixed up in a west coast manner. West coast bartenders tends to prefer classic drinks, whereas west coasts ones generally use fresh markets ingredients. I started from the quintessential “brown, bitter and stirred” cocktail, the “Old Fashioned”, to arrive at a much fresher version of it, using fresh ingredients and spirits often found in Californian craft bars. This article here, although a bit dated, sums up pretty good the main difference in thinking cocktails between east and west coast.
The drink is definitely fresh, with some interesting fruit notes coming from the young rum agricole and the Italian dessert wine (Dindarello) . There is a very pleasant vanilla and citrus feel that persists after the sip, whereas the aroma is dominated by the smokiness of thyme and mezcal. As far as Old Fashioned go, definitely a more summery version, to be enjoyed outside on a patio, while sunbathing.
Once again thanks to the guys at Putney Farm for hosting this month, looking forward to next month!

* Any fairly oaked white dessert wine will do I suppose.
** Oleo Saccharum is a hell of a way to give subtle flavors to your drinks. It is a bit time consuming but absolutely effective. I have been playing around with it for a couple of months and to retrieve some info i ran into some good posts about it. If you need a lot of it you should check this out, instead this is a good example of a more complex one. For my vanilla and orange oleo I usedthe zest from 4 oranges and 1.5 oz of vanilla flavored confectioners sugar.


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  1. Mixology Monday LXX Roundup: Inverted « Putney Farm - February 22, 2013

    […] The Shorter Straw applied the inverted theme to the Super Bowl (we would still like to invert that outcome) and gave us the 35th Minute. The lights went out during the 35th minute of the game and we certainly would have liked to sip this beautiful Rhum Agricole-based cocktail while we waited. […]

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