“Flippin’ sicilian” for MxMo LXIX

12 Jan

mxmologo The holiday season is finally over, all the presents unwrapped and all the leftovers well finished.. it is indeed time for a new MxMo gettogether!
I had great expectations for this Xmas period and I thought it would have been possible to be more prolific but alas it turns out that I didn’t live up to my high hopes. I have been reading a lot though, especially books about classic cocktails since I have a big hole to fill on the subject. I also recently read an article by Derek Brown about the need to put a halt on the creation of new libations. The concept is essentially right, given the number of great classics and the even greater amount of forgotten great recipes. I agree with Mr. Brown that the masses don’t need a hot cosmo or over-complicated concoctions calling for the most esoteric ingredients possible .. on the other hand I believe that for the first time in my working life, customers are broadening their perspective on drinks, and an increasing number of bartenders is serving quality drinks. We have almost infinite ingredients readily available so I believe it’s good to experiment, of course with moderation, always starting from an old classic, maybe revisiting it in a more modern key or maybe substituting some ingredients that weren’t available back then…If Monin makes me pay for a lavender syrup why can’t I try to make it myself? And since I am troubling myself to make it,why shouldn’t I improve it to my personal taste? Should I infuse it with Whale -skin as well? Maybe that’s a bit too experimental…
With this in mind I decided to follow the 90/10 rule and so for this MxMo I went for a modern take on an old (and here in italy almost forgotten) classic, the flip.
There is absolutely zero demand for egg in drinks over here, I never had a chance to create one, but when Jordan Devereaux of Chemistry of the Cocktail called for some Marsala based recipe in his announcement post, well, it was the first thing that came in my mind..
Here it goes:


Flippin’ Sicilian
1.5 oz. marsala fine
0.75 oz. fig aquavite
0.5 oz. galliano
0.25 oz. lemon juice
0.5 oz. simple syrup
3 quail eggs
rosemary sprig

heavily roasted almond, grated.


Combine all the ingredients except the almond in a shaker, dryshake to mix the tiny eggs in and then shake hard with ice. Double strain into iced coupe and then grate some roasted almond.

a tiny quail egg

a tiny quail egg

Before coming up with this, I paved my way with a couple of flips found on “Imbibe”, just to have a taste of the real deal. Given that marsala is one of Sicily’s finest export I decided to pay a tribute to the island by creating a flip using the most Sicilian ingredients I could.
Rosemary works really well with marsala, giving a nice lingering herbacious feeling akin to Fernet. The grape from the fortified wine takes a hold of the sip giving way after a little to the potent flavor of the fig akvavit. I chose quail eggs as they are much more delicate in flavor then the normal ones; also being so tiny you can use them in different amounts ( 5 quail egg make one hen egg) not to mention their healthy benefits. The aroma of this flip is dominated by the almond and literally it can be smelled from a dozen meters afar. I am very pleased with this fist attempt of flip and I hope that some of my readers will try it at home and give me some feedback.
Thanx to Jordan for this month theme and for taking time in hosting this beautiful monthly event!

ps. It is interesting to try it switching quantities between akvavit and marsala.. the drink changes drastically but unfortunately lemon juice is too dominant and kills the herbal finish. it could be worth to try it maybe with some sweeter liqueur like amaretto instead of galliano as it would probably mix better.


6 Responses to ““Flippin’ sicilian” for MxMo LXIX”

  1. Scott January 14, 2013 at 10:08 pm #

    This sounds fantastic. Great use of Marsala since it really gets no love, and I love the fig/caraway flavor addition. Might have to steal that one…

    • raffaelebellomi January 18, 2013 at 8:03 am #

      go ahead mate. try it out! i’m currently serving it and customers love it, but if you think about any improvement let me know so i will try.thanx by the way

  2. Zach January 22, 2013 at 2:30 pm #

    Very interesting combo here, can definitely see the contribution of rosemary adding a nice component to the herbal profile…and bet the roasted almond on the nose pairs well also, solid offering-

    • raffaelebellomi January 22, 2013 at 5:29 pm #

      thanks Zach i just finished reading your post and it s sounds really good as well. thanx for taking time in reading and commenting

  3. JFL January 22, 2013 at 5:24 pm #

    IS it just me or do flip’s always look gorgeous? I think using quail eggs is rather brilliant I’ll have to try and gather ingredients for this,

    And Hey don’t every stop creating new cocktails 😉 . Just make sure you have a grasp on the old ones. In my opinion Mr. Brown’s article , while truthful in a few ways, is rather snobbishly written. If no one ever came up with new ideas we wouldn’t have the classics we do.

    Looks great and thanks for the like!

    • raffaelebellomi January 22, 2013 at 8:17 pm #

      i know… in hindsight i should have been harder on mr brown.. well thanx anyway for taking time in reading and commenting and congrats fornur blog..i love it… and i loved ur piece on 2013 predictions.. couldnt agree more

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