The “Dark and Ominous” for MxMo LXVIII

17 Dec

So here we are, it’s almost Xmas again. For most people in the food and beverage industry this means it is time for them to spend many extra hours at work decorating the premises and getting them ready to be trashed by drunkards. It used to be my personal yearly hell as well, but this year it will be different, so much that I was almost considering not participating to this MxMo because my situation has gotten so much better than other bartenders that creating an anti-Xmas drink would sound ironic. Few weeks ago I decided to take up an offer by a wonderful hotel here in my hometown and so I got the chance to say goodbye to crazy busy late shift in downtown. Aside having an almost endless budget for the drinks program, I received Xmas day off.. can you believe it?
That’s why I was feeling so good about this year holidays, but then I realized that I don’t care too much about Xmas, that I don’t know what to do after the enormous meal with the family so I got a shift in a club, and I decided to get back into the MxMo theme; also, as I was shopping for ingredients at the mall, I experienced the full force of the consumerism side of Christmas.. there were people everywhere, it really pushed my patience to the limit..

Anyway, this month theme has been decided by JFL from Rated R Cocktails and I gotta say it.. it was quite a challenge.


Dark and Ominous

1.5 oz. Jack Daniels single barrel
0.5 oz. Fernet Branca
0.5 oz. Laphroaig 10 years
1 oz. unwrapped xmas candy syrup*

Sugar coal cubes and orange peel.


Pour the Jack and the syrup in a mixing glass over a couple of ice cube and stir until the syrup is completely diluted in the spirit. Add 2 more ice cubes, pour in Fernet, stir for another 15/20 seconds and then pour in a chilled glass over ice, even better if you have a single big ice cube. Add a bunch of sugar coal cubes, to reach the top of the glass and splash the scotch over the coals. Finish off with an orange peel.



* this syrup is made by heating up a dozen of scotch filled chocolates and a dozen cherry brandied chocolates. Just heat them up in a pot with 2 oz. of water and an additional 2 oz. of the liquor you prefer. I used a peach akvavit for this one. plus a bit of cloves and cinnamon to give it a festive feeling!!

I wanted to create something bitter sweet, faintly herbal and most importantly dark. I went through several tries but in the end the drink came out a beauty in my opinion. The spiced chocolate plays perfectly with Jack and you can only sense Fernet’s herbal sip. The aroma is all about the smokiness of the scotch. If you let the drink sit for a couple of minutes the sugar coals start slowly dissolving adding a touch of smoke to the sip as well….. the dark and ominous… the drink that the Grinch leaves behind after messing with your Xmas..


One Response to “The “Dark and Ominous” for MxMo LXVIII”


  1. Mixology Monday Humbug Roundup | Rated R Cocktails - December 18, 2012

    […] The Shorter Straw gets dark and ominous on us with some wicked whiskey blending. We wanna get some of there cool cubes! Finally something to do with all the coal we get without waiting for warm weather. […]

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